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Rob Nanfro, a CPA is a fiscally responsible candidate, with a proven track record of accountability, who is running for City Council to bring accessibility and accountability back to the Signature City of Palm Beach Gardens

Rob has over 25 years of global accounting and taxation experience, working for KPMG, LG Electronics, and Element Fleet Management before being recruited to be the Sr. Director of Taxation for ECN Capital in West Palm Beach, an international publicly-traded company.

Throughout his career, Rob has always found it important to be involved.  From his participation on many levels in professional organizations, with his main objective to mentor CPAs through education, knowledge, and guidance of the CPA profession.  He has been involved as a passionate fiduciary member of the 401k committees during his time at LG Electronics and  ECN Capital, reviewing the administrative adherence of the plan to applicable laws/regulations and to review prudent investment offering for the plan participants without undue cost burdens. 


After accepting the position at ECN Capital, Rob & his wife Claudia took some sage advice and moved to the Signature City of Palm Beach Gardens.  Although their tenure here is short, they have fallen in love with their new community and as a result of this decision, Rob immediately wanted to get involved to share his knowledge and expertise as a part of the city's leadership team.


Rob’s expertise & experience will ensure the residents of Palm Beach Gardens have a voice, an advocate and a knowledgeable fiscally responsible leader.


Call or Text Rob at 561-657-5779


Rob is PBG Proud

Vote Rob Nanfro for PBG City Council Group 2 on MARCH 9, 2021


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